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Services provided by CMC range from materials evaluation to forensic (failure) investigation to performance and durability evaluation. 

In-depth consulting, comprehensive testing, and expert litigation are three main areas of services. Reports produced from these services stand out as one of the most professional reports to our clients at the most competivie price and turnaround.

Petrographic examinations, involving in-depth descriptive examinations of a material by using the methods of optical microscopy, chemical analysis, x-ray diffraction, and electron microscopy stays at the nucleus of our investigations. Various ASTM tests, e.g., ASTM C 295, C 457, C 856, C 1324, etc. for petrographic examinations of aggregates, concrete, masonry mortar, stucco are used routinely for materials evaluation and forensic diagnosis of issues. 

from materials characterization to forensic investigation, our reports & services provide the very best assessments to quality evaluation and performance