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one of the largest petrographic sample preparation laboratories in the world.....indeed

sample preparation laboratory

CMC has a state-of-the-art sample preparation laboratory, which houses various equipment for impregnation, encapsulation, sectioning, grinding, polishing, thin-sectioning, pulverizing, sieving, and conductive coating of materials for petrographic examinations, chemical analysis, XRD, and SEM-EDS analyses.   

​CMC has fourteen (14) thin-sectioning equipments from Buehler (Petrothin and Isomet), Microtrim (Phase III), Ingram-Wards, Struers (Discothin), Hillquest, Logitech, and others. 

In addition, grinding and polishing operations are done on Buehler's Minimet, Ecomet, Automet, Vibromet, and other models, Lapmaster and Logitech's polishing machines, Struers Discoplan, Allied Pacific, and others. 

Our sample preparation laboratory, in addition to an entirely separate sample preparation laboratory for the sister-copmpany, Applied Petrographic Services, Inc. ( can handle large volumes of samples at the fastest possible tunraorund.

Both laboratories are run by experienced personnel and technicians that have generated thousands of well-prepared samples from clients on construction, geological, metallurgical, pharmaceuticals industries - up to the very best satisfactions of our clients.

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