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our prices are very competitive and so are our standard & expedited turnarounds. you can have the best possible report of your project in as little as 3 days

cmc fee schedule

Our fees for testing and other services are very competitive in the industry, let alone for the time we take for initial phone conversations, extensive sample preparations, in-depth examinations, and the quality of the final report we provide.

Our normal turnaround for testing services and reports are usually 3 to 4 weeks, depending on our workload and number of samples to be analyzed.

We also offer expedited turnaround, within 5 business days, at a 100 percent premium. Under special circumstances, due to our in-house facilities of all laboratories, for a limited number of samples, depending on our workload, we can also offer super-rush turnaround, within 3 business days, for a 200 percent premium. 

Please let us know what turnaround you wish to select along with your samples

All new clients are required to send payment with the samples for their first project. Existing clients have 30-day pay period after which interest will be charged on the remaining balances. Clients with prior payment delinquencies are also required to send payments with samples. 

information needed for a project

To initiate a Project, we request the following information:

  1. A 'detailed' letter of transmittal regarding project name, contact person, project no. and address, client name and address, and any other relevant project initiation info
  2. A 'detailed' explanation of the project background, past performance, including the reasons for the testing requested, type of concerns, issues, distress, etc. extent of distress, past problems, past repairs, etc. in the letter of transmittal
  3. Relevant documents (field photographs of condition of the structure in question, sample location photos from field during retrieval, concrete mix design, results of other tests done, weather condition, etc.); photographs can be sent by a CD with the samples, or by email
  4. Samples packaged properly to prevent any damage during transportation, call or email us for any sample size/number concerns for your project
  5. Information regarding billing and shipment of the report
  6. A note if samples after testing can be disposed, or needed to be returned
  7. The turnaround you have selected

Once samples arrive, we will send a cost proposal for approval, which needs to be returned before the project can be initiated.

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