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petrography - the 150-year old science of description and classification of natural rocks remains at the heart of our comprehensive testing

petrographic laboratory

CMC has the world's top-ranking petrography laboratory with various state-of-the-art microscopes and other equipments for conducting detailed petrographic examinations of construction materials. The laboratory houses various stereomicroscopes, petrographic microscopes, metallurgial microscopes, fluorescent-light microscopes, phase contrast and differential interference contrast microscopes, automated image analysis, and point-counting facilities.

There are more than 40 different optical microscopes from as early as 18th century to the latest advanced state-of-the-art units from Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss, Leica, Unitron, and others. These microscopes (all equipped with digital cameras and image analyses software), along with scanning electron microscope, and x-ray diffractometers in the SEM and XRD laboratories, respectively, provide full scale of petrographic examinations for a wide range of samples from our clients.

Follow the link here to find out some of our optical microscopes in the laboratory.