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chemical analysis, in conjunction with petrography, is a powerful compliment to our regular testing of materials and forensic examinations

chemical laboratory

Elemental and oxide compositions of portland cement, fly ash, slag, concrete, plaster, mortar, and other products by gravimetry, ICP, and XRF (ASTM C 114), composition of cementitious materials (ASTM C 150), chloride contents and chloride profile analyses of concrete and mortar (ASTM C 1152, C1218), and chloride permeability test (ASTM C 1202) are some commonly requested chemical analyses that we routinely perform in-house for various projects. 

Specialized tests, such as analysis of chemical admixtures, superplastisizers, water reducers, and accelerators by infra-red spectroscopy and other methods are done in conjunction with our consultant chemists in other laboratories. 

Chemical Analyses Laboratory